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Drop Shipping

We do offer a drop shipping service.  You will need to be accepted as a drop ship customer and maintain a business license for your state.  You will also need to be able to collect payment from your customer.

How it works:

You will need to apply as a drop ship customer first.  To apply, please send an email to with a request to become a drop ship customer and the following information:

Your name
Your company name
Your address
Your telephone and email
Your Business License Number
Your Sales tax number if you have one
A little bit about your business or your plan

Pricing and Payment:

Our drop ship customers receive the lowest price break listed for each item.  You will place your order as a regular customer but input your customer's address in the shipping section.  You will need to list Drop Ship in the comments section.  Your order will be recalculated with the lowest price before we charge your credit card.  In the case of PayPal payments, a refund will be given for the difference.  Please don't give us your customer's credit card number.  You will need to collect payment from your customer and then use your own payment methods for the order. 


All orders that list Drop Ship in the comments section are shipped with packing slip only with your company name, address, and phone number or just the product and no paperwork depending on your request.  You can provide us with your own packing slip or we will make one for you.  No prices are listed on the packing slip.  The package arrives to your customer with your return address as if it was shipped from you.  There is no postage amount listed on the package unless your order is an International package.

We ship USPS First Class, Priority Mail, Express Mail, International First Class and International Priority.  Each USPS package (except International packages) has a Delivery Confirmation number so that you can have proof of delivery.  We also ship UPS Ground, 2nd Day and Next Day. 


As our drop ship customer, you may use all images from our websites.  You will find jewelry and charms on the websites: and and beading supplies at  You can use product from all three websites in your business plan giving you a comprehensive list of products.  Our prices are current each day.  Prices do change based on the silver market.  Once you are one of our drop ship customers, we will give you instructions on how to check daily for any changes to our website so that your own program can be up to date.



Please note throughout the site that gram weights and measurements are approximate. 
If you need to know in inches the size of a piece of jewelry, click here - Millimeters to Inches